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A basic body scrub recipe

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Have you ever used a scrub?

Scrubs are great for increasing circulation and brushing away dull dead skin revealing softer and more moisturized skin underneath.

My favourite type of scrub is my cellulite busting, stretch mark reducing all natural coffee scrub.

It actually makes me look forward to showering every morning because my body feels so soft and moisturized when I’m done.

I kid you not – I am obsessed with this scrub. I dream about it sometimes.

Ha Ha.. anyways today I wanted to share just a little bit of the paradise I’ve discovered with scrubs by providing you with a basic scrub recipe.

To start all body scrubs contain just three primary ingredients:

An Exfoliant – This is just a gritty substance of some sort. Sugar and salt are the most common but you can also use oatmeal, ground coffee or even cranberry seeds. Salt is great for relaxing your muscles while sugar is slightly gentler on your skin. Coffee is fantastic for increasing circulation and reducing cellulite.

A carrier oil  – This holds the mixture together. Most body scrubs use about 1/3 cup of oil for each cup of exfoliant. I recommend choosing an oil with a thin consistency so it washes off easily. Try sweet almond oil or grape seed oil.

An Essential Oil – Lavender, grapefruit, vanilla, chamomile, peppermint and geranium are favourites of mine.

Now of course you can substitute many of these ingredients to turn a basic scrub into a luxurious scrub like I did with my all natural exfoliating coffee scrub.

My all natural exfoliating coffee scrub has 4 different types of oils (including vitamin e) which are known for increasing circulation and improving imperfections on the skin, 2 different types of salts (to capitalize on the nutrients) and 2 different types of sugars among other things so you can really customize your scrub recipe based on your skin type and desired health benefits.

Scrubs are a great place to start if you’re just getting into making your own beauty products. They are a cost effective alternative to chemical ridden commercial products, a lot of fun and leave your skin feeling ahhhmazing.

Remember take some time to learn about each ingredient so you can understand how to make subtitutions and alterations based on health benefits, carrier oil, essential oil and exfolliants that are right for you.


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